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Prefabricated Units/Houses

Valisons & Co are the leading manufacturer and suppliers of Prefabricated Units / Houses through out India. The conventional method of building a structure is to transport bricks, timber, cement, sand, steel and construction aggregate, etc. to the site, and to construct the houses on site from these materials. In prefabricated construction, only the foundations are constructed in this way, while sections of walls, floors and roof are prefabricated (assembled) in a factory (possibly with window and door frames included), transported to the site, lifted into place by a crane and bolted together.

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Our Services

We specialize in manufacturing and fabrication of

We offer sizes as detailed below :
Single Modular Units

Length: 4 ft to 40 ft

Width: 4 ft to 12 ft

Height: 8 ft to 10 ft

Prefab Units -( Dismantable Units )

Length: 4 ft to customers requirement

Width: 4 ft to customers requirement

Height: 8 ft to customers requirement

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