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At Valisons & Co. (Container manufacturers and suppliers) we fabricate containers that are a standardized reusable “steel box” which are known for safe, efficient & secured storage for movement of materials and products. We also offer all types of Industrial & office site containers on rental basis. We provide Storage Containers which are watertight and extremely secure giving end users peace of mind when storing their goods. This can range from residential personal on-site storage to on-base military storage and countless uses in between. Our products are made to standard measurements such that they provide modular elements that can be combined into larger structures. Valisons & Co is a leading container manufacturer and suppliers in India. We provide high quality of Storage Container with Racks, Shipping Containers, Industrial Containers, Cargo Containers, Open Top Containers & Refrigerated Containers for rent at a very competitive prices.

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Our Services

We specialize in manufacturing and fabrication of

We offer sizes as detailed below :
Single Modular Units

Length: 4 ft to 40 ft

Width: 4 ft to 12 ft

Height: 8 ft to 10 ft

Prefab Units -( Dismantable Units )

Length: 4 ft to customers requirement

Width: 4 ft to customers requirement

Height: 8 ft to customers requirement

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