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Bunk Houses & Portable Cabins

Valisons & Co manufactures high quality and secured Bunkhouses offering basic sleeping / accommodation / office / bathroom and toilet and other facilities for officers/labours, visitors or campers found in remote sites on rental basis. The security and ability to pick up the office container and transport with ease is something that is very appealing to the construction industry. We also manufacture Portable Cabins which are movable rather than permanently located. The Portable modular buildings are developed for remote sites and used as temporary site offices on building sites (where they are often stacked two high with metal stairs to reach the upper level. We have even built very complex portable buildings by joining these units forming large office blocks (even over several floors). We provide premium quality & cost effective portable cabins and bunk houses on rental at very competitive rate. We have all Bunk house / cabin solutions on lease and camp on rent providing services globally. Available range are from office site complexes, security cabins, accommodation units, remote camps, remote campers etc.

Important Features:

  • Beautiful & Eco friendly design
  • Sturdy construction & Compact design
  • Good Fabrication, Flexibility & Corrosion resistance
  • Customized designs

  • Perfect Quality finish & Creative designs
  • Reliable & Convenient to transport
  • Long lasting performance
  • Quality Assurance : Attractiveness, Excellent finish, Low maintenance & Longevity

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    Our Services

    We specialize in manufacturing and fabrication of

    We offer Bunks and Portable cabins in sizes as detailed below :
    Single Modular Units

    Length: 4 ft to 40 ft

    Width: 4 ft to 12 ft

    Height: 8 ft to 10 ft

    Prefab Units -( Dismantable Units )

    Length: 4 ft to customers requirement

    Width: 4 ft to customers requirement

    Height: 8 ft to customers requirement

    For your requirements please contact us on: +91 022 23426251 / 23438774 or email us at info@valisons.com.